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26 of my latest drawings with watercolor

13 Sep

stained peace love enigma

12 Feb


I Resign

14 Nov

I officially resign to all the powers that be. Take me where you might, I’m along for the ride now.



romance: a poem

12 Nov

hamburger i am going to hamburgul you i am the hamburgular you are locked away in a glass case with a lock piping hot inside your soft bun holds the burger i will have i will have i hide in the pocket quietly contemplating which methods i will have to use to get you into my mouth you stand no chance hambuger i am the hamburgular and i will hamburgul you

i wanta be numba 1 food fucker

10 Nov

currently i’m number 2

food fuckers top 3

food fuckers top 3

how do i do dat?

porn food fuckers

9 Nov

y’all sick.

supa sick wid it.

keep it on.

i love you

i love you