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stuff i would like to see over the summertime

10 Jun

Magick Things

10 Jun

owlister crowley

10 Sep

owlister crowley

trippy video and guitar by me

9 Jan

Comik Buk by maliea and jonny

8 Jan


check out the e version of the comic book me and maliea worked on together

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owl power

6 Jan



6 Jan


fun times just hanging out with the jammers

first bike ride of the ba(new)y/ear.

5 Jan

Thank the Lifeforce! I thank you! This is why I’m here! In 30 minutes or less I can be in pain climbing the hills of Oakland and Berkeley towards maximum satisfaction! Beautiful Nature in January, is spring already here as fall rolls by slowly? Spall? Fing? Autuming? Spautumn? I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THE BAY! Seriously don’t think I can punish myself anymore. I mustn’t leave unless self flaggelation is required, and then I’m not sure if it would be worth it. Actually, I’d go to Belize though.

hamburglar 2

4 Jan


shell hammer poem

9 Dec

of hammers
pail of
what was important