Alien Invasion

i had a nightmare last night that the earth was invaded by aliens. It was really vivid in high detail and color.

I was sitting on a hilltop somewhere near a coast, probably on mount tilden in the berkeley hills looking out towards the bay and san francisco. The docks are highlighted by the sun sinking into the water pinks and oranges intermingling seductively while the darkness of night hovered above. A shooting star! It is the craziest shooting star I have ever witnessed. A large white sphere trailed by a ruby tracer. Beautiful. It was shooting seemingly westward, but my perception was off because it smashed into sf probably around market and third releasing an incredible explosion.

“Fucking shit! We’re being attacked!”

I run home to my housemates, hole up inside and wait for the facts. It must have been on the news, but I see images of the explosion site and there is no order. Chaos ensues as large horse sized creatures rampage the city. Their skin is thick and dark, mottled with warts and scale, small eyes perch above viscious mouths loaded with teeth the length of stiletto blades.

Fucking shit.

The monsters penetrate every soft spot, every home, every street with no regard for the helpless residents of the city. They smash through doorways and roar, crushing anything in their way and tearing limbs from bodies and tossing them on the wayside.

I wait in my house unsure of what to do, halfway wishing that I had been at ground zero, so that I could avoid this horrible waiting game. It is obvious that there is no stopping these beasts and I doubt that I could manage to hide from them. A glint of hope comes when the army arrives and starts pushing the enemy back slowly. The army eventually does what its supposed to and ends up protecting the US for once. People’s thoughts go towards rebuilding, but only for a second because another shooting star crashes to the earth.

The army succeeds again in pushing back the droves of knife mouthed alien killers but is considerably weakened, and does not have enough resources to withstand a third wave, which by now seems completely at hand. I am in a small house with four others, scared to death. Noone else seems too worried about our fate. The state will take care of us surely. At this point I tell them we’re fucked and that I am going to hide under the bed in with the silent hope that when the monsters arrive to devour us, the will be satiated by my three roommates and not think about checking for me under the bed.

The third wave arrives.

I clutch my blanket to my face and desperately try to find sleep under the bed, metal crossbars and springs bend towards me bearing the weight of my friends. It is making me feel claustrophobic. I know they are coming.

The door breaks down and I can see the callused and rough feet of these reptilian invaders and my heart shrinks. They immediately start tearing through our house picking up beds and throwing them, smashing through walls, and roaring like how I might imagine an ancient dinosaur to sound. My whole house manages to escape to the backyard where night has fallen and the stars are out in the sky. Some kind of aspen or maple tree sways in the wind and I accept my fate. Suddenly though things change. The monsters are at bay they just stop and stare at us. Some human like folks emerge from the house. They are wearing fancy silver and blue spacesuits. It seems like they are in command of our attackers.

They say we have to make a deal.

Our planet isn’t ours anymore.



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